One comment on “Networking is Alive BUT… and Despamming a Wiki

  1. Awesome work! I kind of envision a scene where the last engineer of a gargantuan city-sized machine descends to the depths with a small lantern and toolbox. Surrounded by ancient debris and rubble, he descends lower and lower, passed house sized gears and pistons, until he finally finds what he’s looking for. He pries off a metal panel from a small maintenance box, and begins adjusting wires. Some time later dim electric lights flicker on, and far off in the distance the sound of enormous machinery starting up is heard. The engineer replaces the panel, picks up his toolbox and lantern and begins the trek home…

    Some more feedback for you:
    1. I’ve discovered a few other instances (in the 2nd or 3rd level of the Orb of Destruction Quest) where the player can be telelported into water with the Water Walking Ring on, and the game goes haywire. It seems like when the player is teleported to an invalid location, he’s teleported back. But he was just standing on a teleport pad, which teleports him back again to the invalid location again, and the screen turns white with all the teleporting effects, and lags the game down to nothing.

    2. I’ve also noticed that with plate armor, the Breastplate, Gauntlets, and helmet appear mis-aligned. The plate leggings appear correct, but the others need to be moved up about 3 pixels. Its most evident when you try mixing chain/leather and plate armor.

    3. On the Audio Setup menu, the game offers to stream music from the CD, but it actually seems to just play the high quality music. Maybe change the name of that option to play High Quality music?

    4. I could be imaging it, but it seems like mouse look sensitivity increases as I level up? When in keyboard look mode, the turn speed also increases when leveling up, so there’s that.

    5. I could be insane, but the map zoom commands listed on the binding menu don’t seem to work with the magic map.

    6. The text that appears in the upper left corner of the screen never seems to go away. I think clearing a text line after maybe 15 seconds would be appropriate. Several long descriptions make it difficult to see. Speaking of which, will it be possible in a future version to run higher resolution in widescreen, and adjust the FOV to your liking?

    7. Is there a take screenshot button?

    8. A “Do you wish to end the mission?” prompt would be helpful. Often I’m unsure if the end mission pad actually ends the mission, or a teleporter to another part of the current mission.

    Anyhow, it’s really cool to read about the work you’re doing. Happy coding!

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