3 comments on “Unifying Theory

  1. A&A 2?
    Greenlight it on steam!
    By the way, why not release the game in its current state on Desura or Greenlight? Might actually fund the sequel project to some extent.

  2. Yes yes! Greenlight! Yes yes! Unity! Or Unreal?
    At least make a Greenlight page! It can sit and ferment for a while, but I’m sure people would ok it in a week or two, then get cooking with achievements (eat 300 carrots in an hour, push sorcerers off castle walls, carry 20 complete sets of plate armour back home, etc etc) and trade cards and voilaaa.
    Then Unity/UE.
    I’ll pay the $100 steam fee!

  3. Well, things on Steam have changed. There will be so called “Steam Direct”. Doesn’t change the fact that games like Seven Kingdoms got released on GOG and Desura for example, allowing the devs to keep working on the titles.

    Don’t know if A&Adev is still here though 😦

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