10 comments on “Unifying Theory

  1. A&A 2?
    Greenlight it on steam!
    By the way, why not release the game in its current state on Desura or Greenlight? Might actually fund the sequel project to some extent.

  2. Yes yes! Greenlight! Yes yes! Unity! Or Unreal?
    At least make a Greenlight page! It can sit and ferment for a while, but I’m sure people would ok it in a week or two, then get cooking with achievements (eat 300 carrots in an hour, push sorcerers off castle walls, carry 20 complete sets of plate armour back home, etc etc) and trade cards and voilaaa.
    Then Unity/UE.
    I’ll pay the $100 steam fee!

  3. Well, things on Steam have changed. There will be so called “Steam Direct”. Doesn’t change the fact that games like Seven Kingdoms got released on GOG and Desura for example, allowing the devs to keep working on the titles.

    Don’t know if A&Adev is still here though 😦

  4. If this is still around and you guys still plan on making more A&A games, or even if you don’t. If you see this, your work on this inspired me to the point I fully intend on writing fiction set in the A&A theme.

    I’d love to help write lore for an A&A 2. I’d love to see more A&A. Please, make A&A continue.

    • I’m still hanging out here. I have not pursued an A&A2 yet and I over-committed/over-scoped when I planned on updates for A&A1. Steam changes have definitely made it easier to put a game out, so I’m not worried about that anymore.

  5. I’m very happy you’re still working on the game.
    I was actually planning to play it with a few of my friends on a LAN party but the resolution and lack op tcp-ip connection stopped us from playing.

    So I can’t wait for these updates.

  6. Hi. I’m wondering if Amulets and Armor is still being worked on (having no blog post or news for years).

    I tried playing it seriously for the first time and I encountered a rather nasty bug. My mouse seems to move at a corner in a single frame when I’m in “cursor” mode and I randomly turn at 90° angle left or right at random as I move. It doesn’t make the game unplayable, but it’s sure annoying (and it happens rather frequently).

    I’m not quite sure why it happened. I suspect it might be due to me using Windows 10 (the last version was released two years before Windows 10 was released, after all).

    And, yes. I know I’m sending a bug report in the comments of a dev blog, but the registration process for the forums is disabled and I don’t know where else I could send it.

    If you need more info, just ask. And keep up the good work.

    P.S. By the way, Considering that the game is still rather unknown, I was wondering if you considered releasing it on Steam or GOG (both of them offer free titles) in order to reach more people. Especially since both those place have already quite an audience for older games.

    • I just checked it out here on Windows 10 and have no problems.

      If you want to get into the forums, send an email to support@amuletsandarmor.com with your contact info with subject “Add me to Amulets and Armor” or such. I was getting too much spam on the forums, I just made it invite only.

      The Steam and GOG thing has always been a bit of a quandary for me. Some legal info I was supposed to receive has never happened and admittedly, I didn’t strongly push it. I also thought (at the time) I was going to make a better version. With Steam moving to Steam Direct I might want to revisit it, but no, I’ve not been working on it.

  7. “First, it sucks to return to a project and forget what state you left everything in.”

    Hm, what was I supposed to be doing in this +1000h long game that I last played 10 years ago again?
    -every gamer ever

  8. Higher resolution would be nice, but for time being, a wider FOV would be welcome. Also maybe some better mouse sensitivity/behaviour, and slider to adjust mouse sensitivity. A&A 2 would be very lovely to see someday, but I don’t wish to see it come at expense of A&A 1 updates.

    I don’t think A&A needs to have all the whistles and bells of modern Doom sourceports have, but maybe there are some stuff (mostly visual and lightning) that could be looked at, to try implement to A&A 1.

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