15 comments on “Community Edition? Lua Lua! Hey Lua!

  1. Good to hear you’ve been busy with stuff! Sounds like you’ve been making a lot more progress. I even noticed that Peewee_RotA has been adding some stuff to the wiki since I finished up my historical research into A&A for it. I was impressed by the amount of lore you guys generated for the game. There was a lot of thought put into Elmore. It was fun piecing a lot of it back together. But also a pity so much has been lost and forgotten.

    I also spent some time in doom builder. I wrote up a few ideas for a mission, and started learning the editor, but I have so many projects I’ve started, I’d had to refocus. Hopefully I’ll get back to it someday.

  2. Hello, how can I run faster in the new edition? I remember pressing SHIFT would make you run faster, but now it let you go slower… Why? Is it a bug?

    • I changed it so you are running all the time and the shift key slows you down — inverting the function. If you don’t care for it, let me know.

      • Oh, ok. But I remember that I could do some really long jumps in the old version while pressing SHIFT, but now I can’t… Isn’t there a version with the same upgrades as this latest one but in which you can still run?

  3. I’ll have to look at it, but you should still be able to do long jumps. As usual, it depends on your character’s jumping ability and if the character is a rogue who has a bonus.

    • The reason is that switches were created using the scripting. It was a rather inelegant solution, but the script command to change texture looks like this:

      The number is the sidedef’s number. When you make edits, the sidedef numbers change and the script no longer refers to the correct side.

      Currently, the only solution is to edit the level, change the sidedef numbers, then recompile the script.

  4. It’s april 2015 and I only just found out about the renewed work on A&A. I must say, I am greatful from the bottom of my heart. This has been one of my most fond chindhood memories and one of my favourite games ever. THANK YOU!

      • Fuckin A man. Now all this game needs is some special abilities added to some of the more lackluster classes, like the citizen. There is literally no reason to make one of those atm. I am definitely going to spend some quality time with this game now.

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