4 comments on “A Few Words

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you’ll continue the project. I was afraid that it would just disappear. As far as all the problems, especially the first, I think most of us completely understand. Real life comes first, and you have our support and wishes in resolving all of them.

    Congratulations on the job, it’s good to hear that you have found a more comfortable workspace.

    As far as modding goes, my group of friends and I continue to push through the mod updating and version spaces, it’s still worth every lick of effort and bugs we come across. So whatever development style suits your fancy sounds just fine. I’d much rather see the game smoothed out in engine and ready for a half-release than having an incomplete game struggle with modding on top of that.

  2. Wow, sounds like you’ve had a lot of difficult challenges lately, but you seem to be taking a healthy outlook on them as you learn to cope and grow. We appreciate the work you do and understand that you do have other obligations that must come first.

    It’s still exciting to hear about the progress you’re making and the plans you have, and I look forward to seeing the continued development.

    BTW, in Elmore’s retreat, mission 2, there’s a teleporter that deposits you beneath a wooden structure in the flooded waters. If you’re wearing a water walking ring you get stuck with your screen constantly flashing and super laggy. If you don’t know to remove the ring, you’ll be stuck there forever. Being teleported into water with water walking active = bad apparently.

    Another comment, less of a bug and more of an annoyance, in Elmore’s retreat, mission 5, there’s a secret switch that activates an elevator that takes you down to a locked door with 3 Potions of Flying in front of it. It’s possible to get stuck down here if you run out of potions of flying, and if you unlock the door with a spell, you have to unlock the door again once it closes from the other side. Very annoying if you’re a class with low mana, like a knight, because you have to wait a long time for your mana to regenerate to case the knock spells several times again. Took me like 45 minutes. =P

    Thanks again for all your work!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words. Been working on networking code today … yay!

    @Mac, We did have a few designs on the levels where if you got stuck, you had to abort the level and go back. That pit in the Elmore level is definitely one of those — but we *did* give you 3 flying potions. What more do you want? hehe.

    The locked door is definitely one of those “we want to REALLY annoy you situations” that isn’t as popular in games of today.

    Now, if we really wanted to be jerks, we’d had put the door up higher so that you had to fly AND cast knock to get it to open and do it all before running out of flying potions. ::evil smile::

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