2 comments on “We Have Established Control and a Programmer Speaks Too Much

  1. Nice updates. The options menu looks quite good.

    As for releasing the game/source: I suppose you could release the DOS version for now and then release the Windows version after the networking changes are done and you’ve finished polishing it? I think a lot of the reason people play AA is for the coop mode, so the Windows version wouldn’t really do all that much without it. It’s up to you though.

  2. I’ll personally be waiting for the full Windows version either way. But that said, here’s how I’d do it if I were in charge. Release the DOS Game with bugfixes, but otherwise unchanged. Then, when the Windows version is ready, release that and the source-code for both the DOS and Windows versions at that time.

    That way, there won’t be as many problems with forking between the DOS and Windows versions, and changes’ll be able to be made to both simultaneously.

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