6 comments on “Pick it up Man! and A Little More Control Please

  1. Wonderful! Exactly what I was thinking as far as the grabbing items goes. Looks perfect.

    I’m not an expert on connection types, but I really hope you don’t drop the windows version. I’m sure most of the people playing would prefer not to use dosbox just to play this game (Even if most of us golden-oldies gamers use it). The key to any good internet game is stability and ease of connection. It’d probably be best to test different methods that you can easily access I’d bet.

  2. Looking pretty solid so far. You might want to be more careful with audio levels in videos in the future; it was pretty hard to hear you over the game audio.

    As far as networking goes, it basically comes down to how much effort you want to spend writing it. From my perspective, fully rewritten netcode based on a client/server model using UDP would provide the smoothest gameplay with the most potential for future expansion, but it’s also the hardest to implement (and would remove the possibility of compatibility with the DOS version). The DOSBox option is probably the least effort, but it’s inevitably going to have some quirks here and there. Perhaps stick with DOSBox-based netplay for now and consider doing more in the future?

    Either way, I would definitely prefer to use the Windows version. I think most people would agree on this. It should make it a bit easier to pick up for new players, as well.

  3. Yeah, still messing with audio levels on the videos. I’ll get it, but CamStudio is a little weird (the other game capture tools don’t seem to want to capture the game). If I have to, next time I’ll just do the game sound on one and mix in a separate track — I know how to do that.

    To clarify things, I generally do want a Windows version and there will be one. I think there is more upside going this route (3D accelerated version, higher resolutions, more advanced tools, etc.). I’ll keep the game source code in a form that’ll allow it to be ported to other platforms.

  4. Oh man… it’s times like these I wish I had the talent to make an android port of that source code. I can only imagine the huge amounts of fun I’d have running around, questing, on my Xperia Play. That’s one major benefit to Dos and old-bit platforms, the ability to run just about anywhere.

  5. Dear Developers,

    What about copyright to the old version of the game, do you have it? Can you release it on gog.com, or in some other way so people who never played the game could get it legally?

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