8 comments on “WASD with Mouse and Spawn of Lysle

  1. Personally, I’d absolutely Love to see a text notification in the bottom right corner or somewhere, that tells what item you are looking at, if there is no item looked at, door or otherwise ‘e’-able item, then you’ll know you can’t grab it. But if you see something, be it a spell scroll or fruit or otherwise, the name will show up, maybe even a tidbit of what the item does. Like maybe known damage, or the amount of hydration a water flask provides.

    Either way, fabulous work on the controls, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a future where I can share Amulets and Armor with my friends in an environment they can actually use. And it is looking far smoother than I could have hoped! Amazing job so far! Excited to see more progress!

  2. That’s a pretty good idea. The standard look-at text would appear somewhere and only if it is within grab distance (and a grabbable item). Still not sure where to show it, but we could do something with the text at the top or even the bottom. Additional suggestions?

  3. As far as showing if something is grab-able and it’s name, not really, but I do think the max up/down viewability should definitly be increased with the mouse enhancement that you’ve added. The game is starting to give off a definite Quake 1 feel to it, which is not a bad thing at all in my opinion. I’m still amazed that Amulets and Armor was originally intended on being a semi-MMO. What a huge scope this game had, your team deserves way more respect and admiration than you received. I’m glad the LP has started giving a renewed vigor to such a classic.

    • A reasonable suggestion leaving only the question of what to put there when there is nothing highlighted. Plus, I think there is a growing consensus to put a potion belt there of 4 or 5 readied items (possibly even scrolls) making the space unavailable.

      What about if we just show the text centered at the bottom of the 3D view?

  4. Oh wow, a potion belt would be so amazing, definitly reminds me of Diablo II at that point. The text would be fine anywhere as long as it’s convenient and not blocking the view, so middle, corner, or side, either way, sounds fine. Oh, and maybe if you can, a small icon of what you’re looking at would be useful, for when you are looking at items clustered in a small heap. It’s always confusing what you are actually looking at sometimes, but maybe the name is enough.

  5. I like that! BTW, when you have ammo loaded, text like “AMMO: 20” appears at the bottom left. It probably makes sense to put a small icon and text next to it and replace the ammo text, but only when you are selecting an item for pick up. I supposed I could even make text something like “E=take “.

  6. You could probably get away with “E:” alone, sometimes that’s enough to get away with. :p

    Useful ammo text, with the new controls I bet a lot more people will be eager to use bows and magic attacks now. Maybe the arrows won’t even have to auto-home anymore.

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